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Update and repair your home for market with no upfront costs. Our proprietary program helps homeowners all over the area sell their homes for top dollar. Even if you are facing foreclosure and need to pay off debts or liens, we can help. We can even provide you money for living expenses until you sell. Rather than sell your home "As-Is" or sell to an investor, make the updates you need and get the actual market value for your home. 
You may be in a position where are are starting to miss payments on your mortgage. Often this financial crisis is unpredictable and of no fault of your own. You may start to get calls and letters in the mail threatening to take away your home. If you do nothing that is exactly what the bank will do. They will take away your home. If there is any way at all to keep your home you should, but often the problems are too big to fix in time to stop the bank. When that happens you need to sell your home before it is taken from you. Many people have large amounts of equity in their home. I want to help you alleviate the largest stress factor causing you the financial stress so you can get back on your feet.
The way to sell your home for top dollar is to bring it to get it in peak condition. A move in ready home, will get you top dollar. Be informed about your options before someone tries to get you to sell quick. 

How The Program Benefits Homeowners

Throughout the years, we would often see low ball investors and underhanded wholesalers take advantage of these situations. To combat this, we wanted to design a way to protect and inform homeowners. We created a funding company that provides funds to homeowners. They may be in the pre-foreclosure process and we want to help stop their foreclosure. We immediately get your mortgage current. Then we begin to prepare the home for market. We provide money for living expenses, repairs, updates, and paying off debts. The homeowner doesn't pay a penny until the property is sold.

How Does it Work?

Here is how it works for everyone involved. The benefit to the homeowner is obvious. You are going to avoid foreclosure, get financial support in your time of need, sell for more money, and net more profit on the sell of the home.
We hand out millions of dollars worth of remodel and repair work for homeowners. We have partnered with trusted contractors who are happy to get paid on time with a profitable job. *You may use your own contractor as well.
The listing agent is happy because they get to sell a house for more money than they would have otherwise and make a larger real estate commission.
The buyer is happy because they are purchasing a move-in-ready home.
The funding company is happy because they charge a 10% fee on the subcontractor's work.
In situations where we are advancing you some of your equity to pay off debts, liens, judgments, avoid foreclosure, or just for living expenses we are often the only source of funds that give this much-needed support. It is a win for everyone involved. No one has to lose so someone else can win, which is the only way the RSHST does business.

How Can I Qualify?

We make the process easy. I will personally come out to your home and give you a free home evaluation. I will answer any questions you may have and inform you on your options. We will look at your particular situation and create a plan of action to get you out of this tough situation. You are not alone.

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